Saturday, December 10, 2011

Max Discovers

Max wanted to play an RPG, but I thought that he might enjoy a miniatures skirmish game instead (in other words, I wanted to play Song of Blades and Heroes). I let Max choose what minis he wanted in his warband, and then I chose mine. 

He chose two dwarf warriors--one elite--a human crossbowman, a human heavy infantry, and a human wizard named Earon. 

I chose a bugbear guard, a hobgoblin heavy infantry, a hobgoblin commander, and a hobgoblin warcaster. We set them up on my Zuzzy mat with some terrain I chose, and the battle was on. 

Below are some pics of our skirmishes...

The humans and dwarves stand over the final opponent's body, victorious.

For our second battle, Max wanted to play the "bad guys" and chose several random minis for his warband. For simplicity's sake, I decided to play his warband from the game before.

His new warband had a frogman spearwielder, the hobgoblin warcaster, a dire weasel, two skeletons, and an orc skeleton. A motley crew, indeed.

Through superior tactics, the humans and dwarves devastated the motley mix and sent the warcaster running for his pathetic life. My forces had not one casualty.

Max is totally enamored of the game, as am I, of course. He picked up the rules with little problem. I found it awesome that he insists on always rolling 3 dice for activations no matter what. We have another battle set up, a re-match of sorts. I will post more about it after the combatants have met on the field of blades and heroes...

Thanks for reading and until next time, may your dice always fall your way.

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