Saturday, December 17, 2011

Song of Blades and Heroes: Giant Battle

Max was playing his Giant Force: a Shadow hulk, mystic giant, fire giant, treant, and a ninja.

I played Hendra's Heroes: Hendra, wizardress; 3 Human heavy infantry; 2 human crossbow men; 2 elite dwarven warriors; 2 dwarven warriors; a human thief.

The battle was back and forth and touch and go, but in the end, Hendra, a dwarf warrior, and a human heavy infantry were left standing. The Giant Force were defeated. A pictoral history of the skirmish is below.

The forces are assembled.
The Giant Force advances.
The battle is joined.

The shadow hulk falls, the fire giant is harried on all sides, transfixed by Hendra, and brought down by the heavy infantry.
Hendra takes to the high ground.
 The ninja assassinates the thief and stealthily makes his way toward Hendra.
Hendra rallies her flagging troops, and they all return to the fray. Only the treant and ninja remain.

Hendra once again takes to the high ground to sling spells.
The ninja makes his way toward her.
The ninja attacks!
But so does the dwarf. Hendra's Heroes are the victors. Now to see to their dead and wounded. The countryside is safe again.

Our next excursion involves a bridge too far. Stay tuned for more Song of Blades and Heroes goodness.

Thanks for reading and may your dice fall the right way and play, play, play.

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