Wednesday, November 30, 2011

SurfMonkey Makes a Run in the Dungeon and Once Again Saves the Multiverse With Me

In our most recent session, SurfMonkey brought over Plaid Hat Games' second game, Dungeon Run. He ordered it directly from the company's website and had it in time for our game night. Thank goodness he did. This game is fun! 
For our first game, SurfMonkey chose first and took the doughty dwarf explorer, while I chose the Vanguard paladin.

We made it through the dungeon. I was the first to make it to the Boss Lair.

SurfMonkey's dwarf ran into some trouble in the form the the fearsome War Altar.
The Boss makes quick work of me. But ultimately, I prevailed and started to make my way to the Entrance (or is that Exit?)
However, along the way, I met my former dwarf companion on the rickety Ancient Bridge. After a few feints and parries, we ended up striking at each other simultaneously, and ending both our careers, leaving the Summoning Stone to be found by another group of luckier adventurers.
For our second game, we decided upon different questers. I went with the human mage, and SurfMonkey went with the furious Tundra Orc.
In the end, I ended up with the Summoning Stone, but the Tundra Orc took it off of me as my spells failed me. A rousing, tension-filled ending!
Overall, I found Dungeon Run to be a fun time. It felt at times a lot like Summoner Wars in a dungeon, which is a good thing for me! I absolutely love the combat system! It seems to riff off of Deep 7's Kung Fu Dice engine, which I have always loved. The bits and boards are all top notch. Another success for Plaid Hat Games. 

After our games of Dungeon Run, we had time for one more game. We agreed upon Sentinels. I love playing this game! I played Tempest and Tachyon while SurfMonkey took on the roles of Legacy and the Wraith. Our heroes met the invading forces of Grand Warlord Voss at the Mars Wagner Base. In the end, the heroes were triumphant, with only Tempest falling to his nemesis.

Thanks again for reading and until next time, find a game and play it and love it!

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