Saturday, November 12, 2011

Sentinel News Flash: The Ladies of the Multiverse Defeat Citizen Dawn While Other Heroes Take Down Baron Blade

The Ladies of the Multiverse (aka Fox Force Four) take on the self-proclaimed savior of all super powerdom, Citizen Dawn. Various teams of heroes had tried to stop the Citizens of the Sun in the Ruins of Atlantis and then again on Insula Primalis, but to no avail. However, four heroes met them head on in the sprawling Megalopolis to make their last stand against the Citizens...

Only the united front of Visionary, Tachyon, Fanatic, and the Wraith were able to bring the Citizens rise to a halt.

 Citizen Dawn was defeated, but like the sun, she will most likely rise again...

After that game, Maximan and I sat down to play against Baron Blade in the Ruins of Atlantis. Maximan played his favorite, Tempest, and I played Legacy and Bunker.

 Maximan ready to go. Great opening hand, son!

 Tempest barely standing after the titanic battle vs. Baron Blade and his minions.

Legacy barely able to move and Bunker's armor pitted and sputtering, but triumphant!

As always a fun time battling the dastardly villains of the Multiverse.

Until next time, heroes, may the cards fall your way and may you play, play, play.

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