Monday, January 2, 2012

Flying Lead Star Wars: The Clones Strike Back

Max's droid squad vs. my clone squad. My clones fared much better this time. I even used the Medic! Rules toward the end of the battle.

The skirmish is in pics below.

For those who care about such things, the battle mat is from Zuzzy Miniatures: Verdant Fields line. The minis are all Wizards of the Coast pre-painted Star Wars line, and the terrain is cobbled from spare parts and plastic army men play sets. The colorful rocks are from my younger son's Imaginext Dinosaur line.

Enjoy the battle!

 The Separatist forces advance...
 The Republic defenders dig in and brace themselves for the droid onslaught. 
 The opening salvos drop many on both sides. 
 The Commander of the clones sends his reserve troops to bolster the front line. 
 The clones begin to gain some ground. 
 The super battle droid makes his way into the fray. 
 The Commander flies to the bunkers roof with his jet pack and fells the advancing super battle droid with a well-aimed shot. 
 The Commander returns to cover and rallies his troops. 
 They advance and the Commander finishes another super battle droid. 
 Medic! In a down moment of the the battle, the clones manage to enter the bunker and tend to their wounded. 
A commando droid had been making its way toward the clones and in an ill-fated attempt, attacked the clones. The Republic forces returned fire and ended the droid's assault. 

What an intense game experience! At first, I didn't think my clones were going to fare well, but with some good die rolls and superior tactics, they prevailed. Sorry, Max. Better luck next time. Fun, fun, fun!

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