Sunday, January 15, 2012

Through the Space Portal: A Flying Lead Session Report

Max and I played co-op using the SPD-T1 Rescue on ET-XL5 scenario. Maximan and I each played two of the team members trying to retrieve alien tech that the G'Ori had captured. The alien forces were attempting to make their way to a transporter that would take them back to their orbital ship. In the end, the SPD team killed the alien leader, captured the tech and made their way back through the Star Portal with only one man wounded. Score one for the Earthlings! Fun, fun, fun!

 The SPD-T1 force is ready to come through the Star Portal onto ET-XL5.
 The G'Ori troop is approaching their transport area.
 Bird's eye view of the battle vista.

 The G'Ori advance, grunts first.
 The SPD Team moves into position, Major Monroe and Dr. Levand go to cover the G'Ori transport nexus while Col. Dalling, and Sgt. Drell provide cover fire.

 The Colonel and Drell take some fire and are shaken up a bit but are successful in their mission to provide a distraction.
 Major Monroe is successful in shaking up the G'Ori leader and his second in command.
 While the Major moves in to finish what he started, Dr. Levand has taken advantage of the Major's work and grabbed the alien tech from the clutches of the wounded leader. He high tails it for the Star Portal.
 The G'Ori second in command recovers and makes one last attempt at stopping the Earthlings from foiling their plot. 
 The Major sacrifices himself to allow the good Dr. to escape. 
Colonel Dalling, however, does not leave anyone behind. He went back for his second in command and brought him back to the Star Portal while Sgt. Drell guarded the Star Portal. 

The team was successful in their mission and suffered only minor wounds. Hopefully, they will have a bit of time to recover before they are called to perform their duty on yet another alien planet.

Thanks for reading and until next time, may the Earth be free from alien invasion...


  1. I notice some bonus Lego in there :)

  2. Heh! Yep. We used it as the alien tech MacGuffin in the scenario! Legos whenever we can!