Thursday, January 5, 2012

SurfMonkey Hits The Battlefield And We Play The Masters

At our monthly game night, SurfMonkey had his first experience with SoBH. He played the evil warband Max designed, led by hobgoblins with a bugbear, frogfolk, two human skeletons and an orc skeleton, hobgoblin warcaster, and dire weasel.

I played my Hendra's Heroes with the role of Hendra played by Escaron the Red.

We played the All out Battle scenario twice. I was defender the first time, and Surfmonkey the second.

The first game found him quickly route and defeated. The second skirmish, however, was tense and back and forth. For a while there, it looked like I might lose after his skeletons made short work of my dwarven contingent. In the end, however, my troops pervailed! What a great game!

The First Skirmish...

The second skirmish...

Then we broke out the Master Set. I chose the Benders vs. SurfMonkey's Shadow Elves. Very cool factions, both. In that game, I won fairly handily, stealing his troops and closing in on his summoner.

The second game, I chose the Mountain Vargaths while he played the Deep Dwarves. The Deep Dwarves were cool with magic. The Vargaths are powerful scrappers. This game was closer, but it was the Mountain Vargath's who won the day. Summoner slaying summoner.

Until next month, faithful reader, enjoy your time gaming!

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