Saturday, March 31, 2012

Gray Day Afternoon: Cloaks vs. Mercenaries: A Summoner Wars Session Report

In our second game of the day, Maximan and I played the Mercenaries vs. the Cloaks.

Max with Rallul; me with Vlox.

I was determined to play better this game after losing to Maximan earlier in the day during the Battle for the Dark Beneath.

I vowed to be more cautious and make sure I didn't lose to my 7 year old twice in one day! Was I successful? Follow the game in pictures below to find out.

 I can't get my Scrappers going, but otherwise I feel I have a solid beginning...

 Max is massing for a major offensive on my Summoner. I know this because he keeps telling me so...

 Rallul has surrounded himself with walls, and I have had a Thief steal me a Mundol-flavored Magic Point and have summoned the beautiful and deadly Violet.

 The battle heats up as a mob of Stone Golems clash with my gang of Scrappers and Slashers. His Seer is out but not long for Itharia.

 Here is an aerial view of the mob vs. gang fight royale.

 After the dust settled from our street fight, I have come out to the good. Dagger has joined Violet on the board and even got to do some Backstabbing. 

 Vlox's forces are converging on Rallul, trying to break through the stone bastion in which he has imprisoned himself. Notice: Rallul is all alone. Could victory finally be within my grasp on this Gray Saturday?

Yes. Vlox and I are triumphant. Rallul falls to the deadly blade of Dagger. 

Crawl back into the wall you crawled from, Rallul.

Beware, Maximan. I don't plan on losing to you any time soon.

Thank you, good reader for visiting our blog; we hope you enjoyed your stay. Until next time, may you draw your Champions when you need them and may your Cloak of Shadows keep you warm.

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