Saturday, March 17, 2012

SurfMonkey Gets Filthy And Meets ExPatriette

At our monthly game night, the cards were flying! SurfMonkey had not yet tried out the newest Summoner Wars factions, Mercenaries and the Filth. I let him choose which of the two factions he wanted to play, and I would play the other. He chose Mercs and I got down and dirty with the mutants. Follow the play-by-play below to see how it turned out. 

The forces meet across the battlefield...

The Filth move up on Rallul and score an early wound...

I move the Demagogue into a defensive position in light of a Mercenary advance...

A major offensive by the Mercenaries forces the Filth to play defensive for a time, but the Spew Mutant is a potent offensive force...

The Filth surround the mighty Mundol after wiping out his support troops. He is not long for the world...

The offensive momentum now switches to the Filth as I maneuver my forces into position foiled by Apprentice Mages at every turn. The mages can only hold out so long...

The Filth have closed off all but one avenue to the Demagogue providing an almost unbreachable  defensive position. All three of the Mercenary Champions could not save the Mercs. 

The Abomination hits the battlefield and advances upon the defenseless Mercenary summoner who is caught between a massive hammer and a rock-hard place. The Abomination rolls a 6 Attack Value and hits with all six for an explosive finish to an excellent game! 

I am above gloating, but if I weren't I would say, better luck next time, SurfMonkey!

From the ravaged battlefield of the Summoner Wars universe to the dark and gritty Rook City. SurfMonkey and I try out the first expansion for another of my top five favorite games: Sentinels of the Multiverse!
I played Mr. Fixer and SurfMonkey played the beautiful and deadly ExPatriette, the two new heroes that came with Rook City. 
The heroes battled against Spite in the Pike Industrial Complex
The heroes tried their best.
Spite entered into a drug-altered state of bad-assdom.
The heroes lay defeated at the feet of the crazed Spite.

A great night of new release play. Can't wait for next month!

Thanks for reading and until next time may your heroes conquer villains and may your summoning stone bring you only good magic.

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