Sunday, March 4, 2012

Summoning Fun with Maximan!

Max and I have played two games of Summoner Wars
since I received the Mercenaries and Filth in the mail. The first game I played the Mercenaries against Maximan's choice of Vanguards. The second game I played the Filth. Max was eager to play the Mercenaries after having been trounced by them so handily in our previous game. In both games, we kept the Mercenary deck as built despite having several other Mercenary cards from previous expansions to add to it. 

Pictures from both games are below. A brief overview of my thoughts on both factions follow the pics. Enjoy.

I love the card drawing theme for the Mercenaries. The Rune Mage's ability to steal Magic is awesome. Pumpable Apprentice Mages are exciting, and Mundol's Wizard buffing is spectacular. Max loved using the Stone Golems as walls. Just everything about the Mercenaries and their theme feels right and is tactically exciting for those of you who like to have many different options when playing. 

The Filth are crazy! I enjoyed playing with them because I find them sneaky. Swapping out mutations adds a whole new dimension to the decision-making process inherent to Summoner Wars design. Being able to fetch the Mutation cards you need from either the Draw Pile AND the Discard Pile is just mind-blowing. The only thing that makes me leery is that each Mutation killed is actually 2 Magic Points for your opponent. However, if you manage to swap a weaker Mutation or attack your own wounded unit, you get them for your Magic Pile and then after using them for Magic Points, you can always fetch the slain Mutation with your Summoner. Exciting stuff!

Thanks for reading and until next time, play more Summoner Wars and may the dice fall your way!


  1. In some of the pictures it looks like there are walls belonging to two different summoners on one side of the battlefield. Do these factions allow that? (I haven't gotten them yet) I know normally you can't cast a wall on the opponent's side of the battlefield other than vine walls.

    1. The mercenaries have an event that allows you to take a wall from a discard pile and place it on your side of the Battlefield. Crazy faction!

  2. You didn't wait for me to try the new factions? I'm hurt...

  3. Sorry, SurfMonkey. The factions' siren's call was too much for me to resist. Next week, though you will have the chance to try them out. You won't be disappointed. The game just keeps getting better and better!