Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Starshield Boardgaming Knights: The Great Summoner War

Monday night four members of the Starshield Gaming Society met for a relaxing night of board game fun. Weezoh and Moosecadet hosted; Iczer and I attended. Weezoh, Iczer, and I played a game of Martian Dice while we waited for Moosecadet to get home from work. I pulled out a squeaker in Martian Dice to win.
I brought Summoner Wars as the main event. We decided in the interest of time to break the games into duels instead of playing the clunkier four-player version. Randomly, Weezoh was chosen as my opponent while Moosecadet and Iczer were paired. The plan was to have the winners of the initial duels play each other while the non-winners would go head-to-head. How did things turn out, find out by checking out the pics below.
Both Games Begin: Weezoh playing the Filth vs. Me and the Benders; Moosecadet playing the Guild Dwarves vs. Iczer's Fallen Kingdom.
After a bad tactical decision on my part where I got a bit greedy, Weezoh advanced on my position  very quickly and smashed poor Tacullu. First game: Weezoh. Moosecadet and Iczer were off to a slow start...
While Moose and Iczer seemed a bit far from an end game, Weezoh suggested we play Blood Bowl: Team Manager. A game I had wanted to play since its release. We played a game, and I really enjoyed it. I even won by a point! Definitely a fun game.
At this point, Moosecadet and Iczer were trying to set a record for the longest game of Summoner Wars ever played...
Weezoh and I decided that our second game of Summoner Wars would be against each other. He was feeling 'Jungle Elfy' while I brought the Mountain Vargath to the table. I had a great draw and beat Weezoh making us even in Summoner Wars victories on the night. Moosecadet and Iczer were still not finished, but not long after my Vargath dropped Abua Shi, their epic duel ended. 
Any night I get to play Summoner Wars is a good night, and this night was no exception. This game just keeps getting better and better for me. I look forward to my next outing onto the Battlefield. Thanks, Starshielders for a great night of gaming. May there be many, many more to come. Until next time, good reader, may the dice fall your way and play more Summoner Wars!

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