Saturday, March 31, 2012

Battle for the Dark Beneath: A Summoner Wars Session Report

Max and I sat down to a relaxing game of Summoner Wars on Saturday morning. Maximan decided on the Deep Dwarves, and I decided on a purple-on-purple game and went with the Shadow Elves.

Follow the course of the game pictorially below to find out how we fared and who claimed the title of King of the Dark Beneath!

Max floods the board early. I send my Summoner into hiding.

After a titanic mid game, the board is fairly sparse...

At the end, Maximan was triumphant. I had taken a risk to go on the offensive and attack his Summoner with two Blade Masters and eliminate his Champion, Gren, instead of striking at a Gem Mage. If the Blade Masters had come through with all hit results, I would have won. As it was, I fell one blow shy, and the Gem Mage was available to end my Summoner. 

I gambled and lost. 

Such is life in the war-torn world of Itharia...

Until next time, good gamer, may all of your attacks hit and may your Magic Pile never be empty.

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  1. I am starting to think I have a Summoner Wars prodigy on my hands...