Monday, April 2, 2012

It's Gror Time!: A Summoner Wars Session Report

On Sunday Maximan and I sat down for our third game of the weekend. Max had his heart on playing the Benders while I decided to go back to my roots and pull out the Guild Dwarves. This game would become one to remember. 

The battle unfolds with the images below:

The battle begins. The dwarves move in to strike early.

After two turns, the Benders' forces have been severely reduced.

The dwarves begin to converge on the Bender wall...

Yes. I finally attacked a wall with an Engineer. Huzzah. However, the Benders are beginning to mount a defense against the dwarf incursion. Gulldune is on the board with a Parasite pet.

A Spearman advances through the Bender defenses and scores a hit on Tacullu. 
Baldar hits the board.

The dwarves jam up the Benders right side attack avenue and keep working on the far wall.

Gulldune may have 'converted' several of the dwarves to the Benders' cause, but Baldar made quick work of the mind-controlling menace. Things are looking pretty good for the dwarves.

Maximan summons Kalu and Talu. The dwarves don't like the look of this new threat, so they converge on the twins and smash them the turn after they were summoned. Baldar, a Guardsman, and Heroic Feat ended the twins before the duo could swing into action.

The Benders aren't in a good way, and the dwarves have established a strong defense.

Gror. One of the toughest Champions in the game hit the table and started wailing on things with his crazy hammer. 
Tacullu is backed into a corner trying to avoid the fearsome hammer of Gror. By this time, Maximan's deck, Magic Pile, and hand were empty. There wasn't much left to do. He managed to unsummon a Guardsman as a last-ditch effort, but in the end as you can see from the endgame shot below, Gror finished the Bender Summoner with a ground-quaking blow. Well fought, Maximan, well-fought.

Another great game of Summoner Wars in the books. I am sure Maximan will have another shot at me this coming Spring Break. I look forward to meeting you across the battlefield of Itharia again, my son.

Until next time, good reader, may your dice fall in your favor and may Summoner Wars be your game of choice.

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