Thursday, April 5, 2012

Starshield Boardgaming Knights Become the Lords of Waterdeep and Visit the 7 Wonders

On Monday night as is our custom, the Starshield Gaming Society sat down for a night of games, friends, and fun. First up on this beautiful Spring evening was the new hotness from Wizards of the Coast, The Lords of Waterdeep.

LoW is a Euro-style game with a fantasy theme ripped right from my soul: The majestic City of Waterdeep located in the Forgotten Realms, home to my imagination for over thirty years now.

Now, anyone gamer who knows me knows I don't like Euros. I am firmly an Ameritrash fan! However, with the theme I was willing...nay...excited even to crack open this gem and see what was inside.

Follow below to see how the games went...

 The board is absolutely gorgeous and really triggered my nostalgia factor, sending it into overdrive. Beautiful!
 The game in action. It is a worker-placement game that allows some direct player interaction through the use of Intrigue cards. 
 Our first of two games, I played as the Harpers. Except for the color, the factions are just for flavor. However, your Masked Lord does have a game mechanic. Which Lord was I? The Lord of Waterdeep card holds the answer, but I am not telling...
 A pic of the entire game board in action. Like I said gorgeous.
 It is a Euro game, but thanks to the Intrigue cards, I was able to get in some Ameritrash-style smack talk with Iczer in the first game. Weezoh heard the talk that is smack in the second after he started to gain too much power...

I love this game and highly recommend it to any gamer out there. Yes. I said it, I love a Euro game. It will appeal to both camps of the hobby gaming community; it is a perfect game for when the Euros and the Ameritrashers assemble.

Keep in mind, though, take away the theme and the Intrigue cards, and it's just another Euro worker placement. Take notice game publishers, take notice.

Below are some pics from our 7 Wonders game. The second pic is my end game spread. Though I didn't win, we discovered compliments of Weezoh's handy tally app, that I have the highest average scoring of all the Starshielders. Not bad for the resident Ameritrasher.

Looking forward to more games next Monday night. Keep the table warm, Zoltar. See you all soon.

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