Thursday, April 12, 2012

Constantine is Summoned and SurfMonkey Joins Us for a Play Test

On Tuesday for our monthly game night SurfMonkey and I welcomed Constantine to the gaming table.

Constantine arrived first. While we waited for SurfMonkey, Maximan and I introduced Constantine to my favorite game: Summoner Wars. I handed Constantine the Tundra Orcs while I grabbed the Vanguards since I hadn't played them since adding the reinforcements.


The battle was furious. A bad draw on my part, though, didn't yield any Guardian Knights to protect Sera until late game. By that time, the Tundra Orcs had marched across the field. Constantine also seemed to have an uncanny ability to trigger Fury in his units. Beginner's Luck and a little help from Maximan sealed Sera's fate.

We shall see if your luck holds the next time we meet across the battlefields of Itharia, Constantine.

By that time, SurfMonkey had arrived. This night we had agreed to playtest a science fiction-themed dice game I had developed way back in 2008. Recently I had revisited it, revising some of the units and mechanics of the game. Constantine was in on the ground floor of the play testing the original, so I thought it only appropriate that he join the play test of the newest version.

The first play test revealed a few weaknesses in the system. The second game seemed more solid with the new tweaks, so we focused on the units and their tweaks for the second game.

I am really happy with how the game felt. It is far from complete, and I need to integrate the feedback from the play test, but I think in a few months, I should be able to talk the guys into playtesting again.

Thanks, guys. See you next month!

Thank you good reader and stay tuned for the big announcement I promised last post.

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