Tuesday, April 10, 2012

An Itharian Trilogy: Multiple Summoner Wars Session Reports

Over the past few days, Maximan and I played several games of Summoner Wars. There were some tense moments and tons of carnage. 

Was Max able to come back from his recent defeats? 

Did my unluck with dice continue into the future?

Check out the pictures below to find the answers to these questions and more.

 The field is set: Max's Mercenaries vs. the vile Fallen Kingdom

 The Rallul buries himself behind three walls. A most interesting strategy, Maximan...

 The Reapers advance...

 The Mercenaries put up a fight as evil marches on.

 Cultists, Reapers, and Skeletons, Oh, my! At this point, I have decided to wipe the board before advancing on Rallul's fortified position.

 Maximan has managed to bring a Bounder into my game space. My forces, however, quickly ended the fast-moving units threatening advance.

 I use some dark power to bring Skhull into being. Now to ravage the Mercenaries' line. Magos is on the move as well. 

 Skhull and Elat Bul is a dangerous combination. They are my wrecking balls!

 I, too, have firmly ensconced Ret Talus behind my own wall of Walls. 

 I summon more troops to finish my cocoon and protect Ret Talus from the approaching, tough Stone Golem.

 The death blow came from the undead Champions. They had broken through his walls and took Rallul down! 

 Our next game was dwarf on dwarf. Max: Guild Dwarves vs. Me: the Deep Dwarves. 

I move Tundle into a secure position where he remains for most of the game. 

 The Guild Dwarves advance slowly but inexorably. The battle swings back and forth like a pendulum of dwarven doom.

 An aerial view of the Itharian battleground.

 In the end, it is Piclo who delivers the death blow. Oldin is defeated.

 For a brief interlude, we played Max's newest game design, Card Battle. I won that game with my dinosaur card.


Our final battle of the trilogy was Maximan: Mountain Vargath vs. Me: Sand Goblins.

 As was the case for most of the game, I managed to keep his Common units to a minimum.

 I moved up and had my first bona fide Wall rush. He was a bit stunned when he realized he couldn't summon that Champion he had been holding onto.

In the end, I managed to send a Sand Wurm to seal the Mountain Vargath's defeat. 

Thanks, Max for the great games. I look forward to more Summoner Wars fun. 

Thanks, readers and until next time, play more Summoner Wars. 

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