Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas Time Means Tabletop Time

Max wanted to play some Conquest here on Christmas break, so that's what we did. And Max won! It was a squeaker. In the end, Max's Space Marines beat up my Chaos Marines. Good times. 

My gaming Christmas gift so far is the exciting Mage Wars Academy. Max and I have played three games so far, pictorially presented below. Some exciting dice rolls, Max pumping up his mana to 17! Creatures slamming into each other. This game has it all. Being able to choose the spell you want to play is a really cool and tactical aspect of this game that makes for a really fun experience. And did I mention dice?! 

And of course, I have also managed to get in a solo game of my favorite, Call of Cthulhu LCG. This time it was the Hunters of the Agency vs. the Thousand Young of Shub. The Hunters ended up with an overwhelming victory!

With another family Christmas celebration and New Year's festivities coming up this week, stay tuned for even more gaming goodness here at magehammer's Gaming Table. Hope you all had a great holiday. See you soon!

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