Tuesday, December 8, 2015

StormBringer Sidetrek and Red Dragon Tabletop Game Society

This past weekend, I was lucky enough to make an overnight trip up to Tiny House to visit StormBringer and MEM. It was a good time filled with good food, great conversation, and as always, great games. This particular trip the great game in question was, of course:

 A learning game introduced StormBringer to the strange but awesome world of the Call of Cthulhu. He played the Cthulhu faction and caught on quite quickly to the basic mechanics of the game.

 From there, we played a game, rematching the decks from the learning game. Cthulhu was triumphant.

The next day, we took cops vs. robbers...twice. The first time the Syndicate and Mr. David Pan had the Agency's number, but the second game was a good back and forth, but ultimately, the Agency won out.

Our final game involved randomly rolled decks: StormBringer got the Explorers of Miskatonic University while I rolled the Hunters of the Agency.

This unlikely match up was filled with a cerebral tete-a-tete that ended with the explorers fighting off the hunters to be victorious. What a brain burner it was and a heckuva lot of fun!

Thanks for the games, StormBringer! See you soon.

After a fun weekend of CoC at StormBringer's I was up for more gaming at Red Dragon HQ for the most recent session of the Red Dragon Tabletop Game Society (of which I am the organizer and faculty founder). This session I played the sparkly new cooperative game WarhammerQuest Adventure Card Game. We won the tutorial and were well on our way to winning the first phase of the campaign.

It is a fun game, less fiddly than PACG, but for now, I think I will play it at the Society a bit more before deciding to buy it.

That's all for now. SurfMonkey next week. Also, Christmas break is coming which usually means more gaming!


  1. Warhammer Quest is less fiddly than PACG, but it's the same basic principle of a cooperative card game with lots of stacks of cards?

    1. It has a 'dungeon deck' and a 'monster deck.' The characters don't have decks. Character Abilities are represented by four cards instead.

      Those cards change as the characters advance in level. One less deck to worry about streamlines the game.