Monday, December 21, 2015

SurfMonkey Runs the Table Plus Some Holiday Call of Cthulhu LCG

SurfMonkey and I got together this past Sunday for our monthly game night. Tonight we only got two games in, but lots of great conversation was had. He brought the shiny new Star Wars: Risk Edition. Since it is Star Wars Force Awakens season (great movie, btw), we were up for some Star Wars flavored gaming. In the end SurfMonkey's Rebels it should be. 

Our next game was my newest acquisition in my I-love-card-games addiction:

Image result for mage wars academy

We tried the game without a thorough reading of the rules, so the game was a bit choppy. However, through the foggy haze of no read rules/new game, we muddled through to a SurfMonkey victory. Looking forward to more plays of this game and more mages to play. 

Of course, now that it's Christmas break time, I have been using some of my free time to play my favorite card game:

Here is a pictorial history of my recent games. Have fun figuring out the match ups.

Merry Christmas (or happy holidays) to all and to all good games!

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