Friday, January 8, 2016

Gaming In The New Year

Happy New Year! The annual party game for MEM was one the hottest hits of the year: Codenames! It lives up to the hype. We played it all evening. Truly a great game. 

 I also finally built Tyranid decks for Warhammer 40K Conquest. We have played twice since teh decks were built. The first game, Maximan played the horrific bugs vs. my Astra Militarum. The bugs had my soldiers for breakfast.

We played a second game. This time I was the bugs. Maximan's Space Marines beat the bugs. Good times.

Our Fantasy AGE Titansgrave game is starting back up again after the holiday hiatus. I will also be heading over to SurfMonkey's place next week for more gaming.

Stay tuned and see you soon in 2016! Crazy.

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