Saturday, July 30, 2011

SurfMonkey Powers a Portal, Gets Invaded, and Loses a Summoner's War

SurfMonkey came over for our monthly gaming session. We started out the night playing a game I designed called:
You can see some pictures of the game in earlier posts right here on my blog. It is a minis game that is a cross between Dreamblade and Chess.  

I really wanted SurfMonkey's opinion on the game, so we played three games on my standard 8x8 board (there was a tense moment when my son spilled water on my game board, but it appears there is no lasting damage or warping). His suggestion was that we expand the playing board. I suggested a 10x8 board, and we played a fourth game. The extra real estate allowed players to have more time to build their defense before their opponent's forces were upon them. 

Overall, SurfMonkey liked the game, and we will be playing more of it in the future. Good news. Once I have the bugs worked out, I will post it for all to share and enjoy.

From the fields of Enervan, we turned to the world of Warhammer. We took our second run at this really cool game. This time around we decided to play the two factions we hadn't played last time: Chaos and the Dwarves. We randomly determined who would play which faction. I ended up with the Dwarves and he the evil Chaos.

He got off to a quicker start than I did, but I managed to get a unit out and attack his Quest area. He seemed to have a hard time getting any units out and playing a bunch of support cards. Once he got cookin', though, he managed to do some damage. One of the more memorable moments was when a quest of his caused me to discard my whole hand which contained the Dwarven king. However, I recovered, and fielded a strong force of Dwarves and burned his Quest zone, and shortly thereafter, his Kingdom zone. 

I look forward to exploring these decks some more and now that I bought the High Elves and Dark Elves, I am looking forward to seeing how those decks work. Soon I will brave deck building with the sets and see how that goes. 

No gaming night would be complete without a game of Summoner Wars. We semi-randomly rolled for the factions we wanted to play, and the result was the classic match up between the Phoenix Elves and the Tundra Orcs. 

Once again, SurfMonkey's forces were quick to the fight. He had me down to just my summoner at one point, but once I decided to just dump some of my commons and events on a Build Magic phase, things stared to turn around. By the end of the game, I had summoned all three of my Champions and killed the two of his that had hit the board. 

My powerful assault ended up being too much for him, and the mighty three surrounded his poor summoner and ended the game with crushing flair. OUCH!

Next time, SurfMonkey, I hope you fare better. At least you won most of the Portal Mage games...

An excellent night of gaming. Thanks, SurfMonkey. See you next month.

Thanks for reading and good gaming.

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