Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sing me a

I got the wargaming bug recently, so yesterday and today, I ran a solo game of Song of Blood and Heroes (this link takes you to Ganesha Games fast play version of the rules. You can buy it at Lulu or RPGNow for $5.00!).

I have presented the battle report here in photo form. Roughly every two pictures is an entire turn (both sides acting).

I love this game as it is fast, with little record keeping, and I get to use any minis I like. This game had some crazy moments, but every second was a blast. Enjoy.

During the dry season, often humanoid groups will descend upon the outlying farmsteads in search of livestock and food. They strike quickly and leave carnage and sorrow in their wake.

In the village of Bounty, the elders decided to enlist the services of a mercenary group to stop the marauders before they can reach the village proper. The group that came to their aid is known as a the Tesselhorn Triad Mercenary Company. It is a group of humans, dwarves, and halflings who specialize in defending those who cannot defend themselves. Coming to Bounty's aid was not a difficult decision. 

The group sent a small force to await the inevitable raiding party. They waited for three days at the walled border of the village's outermost farmstead. It is the dwelling closest to the Ironmore Hills, a savage land teeming with humanoid tribes. 

On the final day, the rustling in the trees heralded the arrival of the marauders. The battle to defend Bounty was on. 

And so it went that the Tesselhorn Triad Mercenary Company routed the humanoid marauders, but at a great cost. Freedom from terror and violence rarely does... 


  1. Nice pix! I good, solid scenario too.

    While I prefer a live opponent, solo SBH is more fun than you'd expect. I think it's because it moves so fast. Solo play is also a great way to knock the rust off my rules-fu.

  2. Thanks, Bighara!

    I actually found Song of Blades and Heroes when I was looking for a good solo minis game. The fact it plays exceptionally well solo, and that I can use any minis in my collection make it something special in the realm of tabletop games period.

    Now if only terrain wasn't so expensive...