Thursday, July 28, 2011

Rumble in the Ruins: A Mutants and Death Ray Guns Solo Session

No one knows exactly how many years have passed since the Great Clash, a time when fire rained from the sky, and mighty armies waged a devastating war, leaving the world a shattered and ruined husk of what it once was. 

Survivors struggled to make their way in a radically changed world that grew stranger and more dangerous as the forces unleashed by the Great Clash began to assert themselves in this new world that some have come to call the Ruined Earth. Mutants and mutated animals--some of which can only be described as monsters--arose alongside the creations of man that had survived the war, robots and androids free of their human masters, to roam the wastelands.

The Ruined Earth is a savage and toxic land where life is nasty, brutish, and short. A few have banded together in enclaves and communities for safety. Bands of intrepid explorers brave the ruins to find and locate usable artifacts of the ancients to give them the tools necessary to survive. More often than not, though, these explorers encounter other bands of explorers, all trying to survive as well. Inevitably, these encounters result in violence. Those who have the best technology, mutations, skills, and luck emerge victorious, and to the victors go the spoils. The following account is of one of those encounters: A group from the enclave known as Safehaven ran afoul of a marauding band of savage mutants in a ruin on the edge of an area of the Glow... 

The Safehaven Seeker Squad
Team Leader: Thorin

Human    Quality: 2+  Combat: 2
Special Rules: Leader, Stealth, 1 Energy Cell, Force Field, Laser Rifle
Cara Killjoy
Human    Quality: 3+  Combat: 2
Special Rules: Hand to Hand Specialist, Defoliant Grenade, 4 Food

Gabriel Yen                                 
Human   Quality: 3+  Combat: 2           
Special Rules: NBC Suit, Flamethrower       

Mutant  Quality: 4+  Combat: 3
Special Rules: Mental Shield, Hand to Hand Specialist, Flak Jacket

Mutant  Quality: 4+  Combat: 4
Special Rules: Energy Adaptation, Danger Sense, Shotgun

The Savages: Mutant Marauders
Leader: Kord
Mutant  Quality: 3+  Combat: 3
Special Rules: Leader, Energy Absorption: Electrical, Energy Projection: Laser Eyes,  Savage, Electrical Gun

Mutant  Quality: 4+  Combat: 3
Special Rules: Energy Projection: Bone Shard, Sharpshooter, 6 Energy Cells

Mutant  Quality: 4+  Combat: 3
Special Rules: Tailslap, Hand to Hand Specialist, 3 Food

Mutant  Quality: 4+  Combat: 3
Special Rules: Tough, Savage, Pistol


Mutated Animal: Ape  Quality: 4+  Combat: 4
Special Rules: Big, 4 Food

The Ruins: A Dangerous Place of Death

The ruins beckoned to both groups. The Glow had been strong here for many winters, but now, it seems to have faded throughout most of the area. The skeletons of the ancient dwellings could hold valuable artifacts. Which of the groups will die today to acquire these lost treasures...

The battlefield is set...

The combatants enter the killing fields...

Round  1
(a Round is each side getting a turn)

Both sides advance and save their ammo until each is closer. The Hand to Hand Specialists are going right up the middle, supported by the ranged weapons of their squad mates. 

Round  2
The battle is joined! Shard knocks Shield flat with one of his flying bone shards. 
Grog sends Cara to the ground. 
Thorin, Twitch, and Gabriel have taken cover and are going to try to give their advance troops some support. 

Round  3
The action heats up. 
Twitch sends Slither down with a shotgun blast. Thorin takes a shot but misses.
Cara and Shield gang up on the big ape.
Gabriel makes his move.

Round  4
Gabriel moves up on Shard for a better shot with his devastating flamethrower.
Thorin tries to take down Kord but misses. 
Kord and Kang move on Twitch.
Slither took Shield down. Neither of them were able to bring Grog down.

Round  5
Gabriel toasts Shard, who hits the ground. 
Twitch blew Kang to pieces and felled Kord. 
Thorin moved in for the killshot, but not before Grog was able to crush Cara.
Once Kord fell, two of the three marauders routed. 
Shard, stunned on the ground, remained.

 Round  6
After Thorin shot and killed Slither, Shield ended Shard, and Grog ran away to fight another day.

The Safehaven Seeker Squad was triumphant. Cara survived, though she has a crippled arm. And the team found some ancient medical supplies buried under the floorboards of one of the ruined dwellings. They returned to Safehaven, heroes for a day. 

So goes life...and death...on the 
Ruined Earth!


  1. what system do you use for solo play?

    1. I use the rules as written. The activation mechanic adds just the right amount of uncertainty that keeps solo play exciting.