Saturday, July 16, 2011

More Fun With

The wizard Bridmore the Brash has been tasked with transporting a magical amulet from the Dungeon of Darkest Depths, where it was recently recovered by the Company of the Shield, to the Temple of Aegis in the city of Tellemmord for safe-keeping.

However, the Mysterious Dark Mage wants the amulet for himself. He has conscripted a pack of gnolls and a couple of hobgoblin mercenary bodyguards to aid him in his ambush.

They await the Company of the Shield and Bridmore the Brash in a lightly wooded area along the Trade Road...

After mourning their dead, the remaining members of the Company of the Shield must forge on, taking this most dangerous amulet to a safe place where it will never be able to bring harm to anyone again. Hopefully, the remainder of their journey will be without mishap...

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