Monday, December 20, 2010

Twice More Space Marines Enter the Space Hulk to Purge the Xenos Threat...

After 2 quick games of Magic the Gathering with Iczer, Zoltar, Iczer and I settled in for a lengthy game of Fluxx.

Fluxx was an interesting game that really gave my mind a work out. I look forward to playing Zombie Fluxx.

After Fluxx, Iczer, Zoltar, Bee, and I played 2 games of Space Hulk: Death Angel Card Game.

The first game, they were trying to figure out how the game worked. That fact, and ridiculously bad luck, made for a lethal game. The Space Marines only made it to the first Travel location and were promptly slaughtered.

The second game, however, was much better. They all had the feel for the game, and we had some really good luck with Event cards and die rolls. Heck, Brother Zael didn't roll below a 4 with his flamethrower: I love the smell of burnt genestealers in the darkness!

The Space Marines made it to the Launch Control Room, held off the xenos long enough to activate the Control Panel. Brother Zael had the honor of sending the monsters to their doom. 

Heck, the second game we only lost one Space Marine but later rescued him from the xenos' clutches thanks to a fortuitous Event card. 

The multi player experience was one of extremes this night. I look forward to seeing if we can do it again the next time...


  1. Must not have been iczer with the flamethrower. . .

  2. lol. No, definitely not Iczer on the flamer. I was the one lucky enough to be Zael that night.

    Not that there is anything wrong with that...