Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Leggo My Lego Part Deux!

Max and I played Hogwarts 4 times over the holiday. By the second game, the little game designer-in-training was proposing house rules. He wanted to be able to steal the homework items--whose acquisition is  object of the game from--opposing players and wanted to incorporate the other mini mini figs that come with the game but whose use is not mentioned anywhere in the rules.

After some discussion, we ironed out a few house rules we could both live with. The rules incorporated the dueling rules already posted in the optional rules section of the game. The Maurader's Map tile could be used to return to any Common Room for theft or a quick win. The dark red tile used to summon Dumbledore was used instead to summon Guardian Wizards to our Common Rooms to help protect our items from interlopers. That made the game better. I must say, though, the shifting board game mechanics are pretty fun. I enjoy this Lego game the most of them all.

Max opted to buy Pirate Code with some of his Christmas money (I think he is a collector...uh oh). We played it. I don't really care for it. It is kind of like a watered down Mastermind, if you know that game. I will try to steer him away from this game if I am playing. Maybe his mom will play it with him.

We have yet to play Ramses Pyramid. But when we do, you will hear it here first!

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