Saturday, December 25, 2010


My oldest son received 3--count 'em--3 Lego games for Christmas. We already had Lava Dragon, Magicus, and Robo Rally.

The 3 Lego games he received were Hogwarts, Ramses Pyramid, and Minotaurus. He chose which game, and we set up and played Minotaurus. I must say, I liked it better than the games we have now; though still a bit simple and simplistic, there is comparatively more to it. We haven't played the other 2 new games yet, but I think I am going to like them as well.

The cool thing about Minotaurus is that I was thinking of various modifications I could make to the game to give it a bit more pizazz. I thought about a card deck that would yield various effects. Each player would draw 3 cards at the beginning of the game and 1 card per turn. Each player could play 1 card per turn in an Event phase before movement. I also think there should be some cards that play on the opposing players' turns to counter cards being played by the acting player.

I also devised a combat system. As the game stands, the Minotaur moves faster than the players' 3 mini figs. When the Minotaur runs into a mini fig, the Minotaur and the mini fig are both returned to their starting positions. There is also no such rule for opposing mini figs. I thought it would be cool if the minis battled instead of simply unsummoning themselves. When two pieces become adjacent the minis battle: The Minotaur hits on a 3-6, while a mini  fig slay the Minotaur or an opposing, adjacent piece on a 5-6.

The cards I devised would buff mini figs or the Minotaur in combat. The other cards would modify movement of both mini figs and Minotaur. Other cards could allow an additional turn, crush walls, teleport min figs or Minotaur. The options are limitless.

As I was playing and devising all of those cool variations, I realized I was having fun with the game without the modifications, but of course, playing a game with my son was probably the thing I was enjoying the most.

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