Monday, October 24, 2016

SurfMonkey Opens the Codex

Surfmonkey and I met for our monthly game and played a game of Codex, the game Tom Vasel sold his Magic the Gathering collection because it totally replaced it. I ended up winning that game. It has a bit of Magic, a bit of Mage Wars Academy, and a bit of RTS computer games. I like it. I think I need a few more plays to love it. 

We also played two games of Vanguard. After the first game and a SurfMonkey triple crit, we played another. I had better luck that game. 

Jasper and I played some Smash Up and Song of Blades and Heroes. Good times.

I got my Forsaken Lore expansion from my FLGS and got it and the rest of Eldritch Horror to the table for a solo game. It was a tough game, but I pulled out a win.

At the game society I run at the high school where I teach, I ran the Save Innsmouth adventure for Cthulhu Hack. It was a great game! The system works great, and the students and I had a great time. They narrowly avoided a hungry Shoggoth and barely escaped alive. 

More gaming to come, I'm sure. Stay tuned and stay warm.

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