Sunday, October 9, 2016

Falling Leaves: Lovecraft Is in the Air

As fall approaches, my thoughts turn to the world of Lovecraft. Specifically, Eldritch Horror and my new RPG darling: The Cthulhu Hack. 


The Cthulhu Hack is based off the insanely popular The Black Hack. The Cthulhu Hack brings an old school rules lite with a dash of modern design (D&D 5E and Trail of Cthulhu) approach to the Lovecraftian, with a dash of pulp, investigative horror genre. So fun! 
This game continues to thrill me. I play it primarily solo, and with my busy fall schedule, the plays are few and far between, but at least I have a nice place to keep a game in progress up and am able to play a turn or two between responsibilities. 

In a side note, the boys played a quick game of Onitama while waiting for Grandma and Grandpa.

As the leaves and fall deepens, I hope to get even more time in playing games. SurfMonkey and I are getting together on Tuesday this week as well as a session of the Red Dragon Tabletop Game Society. I am currently running a D&D game for upperclassmen there. Also, my weekly D&D game is every Sunday night.

The gaming life is good!!


  1. I hear you, even though I didn't want to continue our Eternal Lies TOC game this year; the allure of Storm King's Thunder was too hard to resist. I still am starting to hear that call. . .

    1. So. Are you saying you want me to run a one or two shot The Cthulhu Hack game?

    2. I'd be down for that but I don't know if the others would want to take a break from SKT now that you're starting to roll - if you wanted to do it on another night depending on who's interested

    3. Maybe the next time we are down two players it will be good for an evening's fun.

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