Wednesday, June 8, 2016

SurfMonkey Continues His Vanguard Victories! Plus, Summer Games!

SurfMonkey and I got together for our monthly game night Tuesday night for some Cardfight! Vanguard. The only one of my decks that was victorious was my Gear Chronicle deck. However, the great thing about playing Vanguard is you have fun, win or lose. Looking forward to more Cardfighting with SurfMonkey next month!! I will have my revenge!

The boys and I got in a game of the new Advanced Song of Blades and Heroes ruleset. It does have more than standard SoBH, but really doesn't seem much more complicated. True to Andrea's designs, it is a simple, streamlined miniatures skirmish. 

My orcs were wiped out early and the boys slugged it out. In the end, it was Max and his wizard that orchestrated an amazing comeback over poor Jasper. Good times, though!

Summer break is in full swing here, and the boys and I have been playing a variety of games. We have gotten King of the Tabletop to the 'table' twice already. Good dice chukking and monster slashing fun!

With summer here, the boys and I have resumed our Dungeons and Dragons campaign. Their characters are still at 10th level. But not for long. Captain Teamat, Major Orchard, Kardrell Stormpeace, and the newest member of the party, Bob the Halfling Rogue. Black dragon, stone golem, and tiefling assassins are just a few of the foes the heroes have vanquished. Looking forward to more adventures with the boys!

And, of course, no post would be complete without mentioning my solo Vanguard games. Still fun. Love playing this game solitaire almost as much as I love losing to SurfMonkey at Vanguard. Ha! JK! Love playing this game no matter what.

Thanks for reading. Until the next post, keep on gaming on!

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