Sunday, June 5, 2016

Dead of Winter in the Summer?! You Betcha!

Max wanted to play a game of Dead of Winter. I was very happy to hear that. We set it up and played a co op game over two days. Things were going along pretty well until a survivor attacked a zombie, was bitten, and wiped out the colony. But that's life (and death) during the zombie apocalypse. This game is truly one of my favorites. Can't wait until Max asks to play it again!

Now that summer break is officially here, I am, of course, spending some time with my new current favorite past time: Playing Solo Cardfight! Vanguard. I am currently typing up the solo rules and will post them soon. For now, though, enjoy these images from a couple of the games I have played. 

SurfMonkey and I are scheduled for a monthly game night on June 7th, stay tuned for a report on the gaming goodness from that clash of the titans. Until then, sling some cards!!!!

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