Saturday, August 8, 2015

Mage Gets Married: 2nd Edition. And Lazy Saturday CoC LCG

This past Friday, Mage (last featured in this post) got married for the second time. And I must say, he did it right this time. The bachelor party started off with IMStuds, Mage, and I in the Geek Cave with some Dead of Winter. We won! Love this game!

We ran out for lunch and brought Zoltar back with us for more gaming. IMStuds and Mage faced off across the battlefield of Itharia while Zoltar and I had a dog fight. Zoltar won our fight, but it was close. A couple of miscalculated maneuvers turned out to be my doom. We started another scenario in Dead of Winter, but didn't get to finish before the schedule of the agenda of the bachelor party took precedence. 

The rest of the bachelor party did not involve games, so now we leave its tale to the mists...

Throughout the past two days, though, Maximan and I got in a game of Epic (can't wait to get the entire game!) 

And I managed to get in a game of Call of Cthulhu solo. I played my Hunter deck vs. Cthulhu. I really like the way that game plays. Looking forward to the fall when the weather will inspire the theme.

Hopefully, I can get in some more gaming before school starts. D&D tomorrow, though. That will be great. 

Until next time, gamers, keep on gaming!

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