Friday, August 21, 2015

End of Summer Game Bonanza!

One half of the Ho Crain came on over for the Twilight of Summer gaming. He leaves for college tomorrow, so he wanted to get in some game time before returning to the grind. I did not disappoint. 

I started him out with a Solomon draft of Epic. He beat me. 

Then we moved to a game of Yu Gi Oh. It was him playing Lightsworn, me Masked Heroes. I won. 

After Yu Gi Oh, we moved on to Call of Cthulhu LCG! He played my Agency Hunter deck vs. my Cthulhu deck. A bad draw on my part led to my defeat. I love this game!

Ashes hit the table for the finale. Crain said it was an easy game to pick up, which it is if you're a gamer. He played Coal; I played Viper. It was a really good back and forth battle. In the end, my Silver Snake couldn't get any traction and Coal beat me down. Great game!

Before the Crain came over, the boys and I played some D&D. They are finishing off the "Death from Above" module in Quests of Doom Vol. 1. 

And even before that, I finished out my solo game of Sentinels of Echo City and posted it on Google+.

Overall, one of those game nirvana days.

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