Monday, March 30, 2015

StormBringer Brings the Dead of Winter

StormBringer stopped by on Saturday for dinner and two rousing games of my Christmas present, Dead of Winter. As readers of my blog know, I am a huge fan of Plaid Hat Games, being that Summoner Wars is my all time favorite game. 

Dead of Winter does not disappoint and lives up to all of the hype surrounding this incredible title. 

We easily won the first scenario and foolishly tried another scenario on Hard Core mode which pretty much buried us. StormBringer's vaunted luck was tested when he lost characters in both games on his first turn. 

Despite the crushing defeat, the game is a fun, immersive experience. Looking forward to my next game of it. Maybe next time we can bring SurfMonkey or KatoKatonian to the table for even more fun. 

In other news...

I continue to teach my students how to play this game of games. In addition, Weezoh and Brigid have also purchased it and are loving it. Yayyy!!!


  1. Brilliant, inculcating a new generation. Were they already familiar with Lovecraft's mythos?

  2. They are not familiar with the mythos, but I also working to change that as well. I usually lead with, "Stephen King cites him as the greatest horror writer of ask time." That usually gets their attention.