Monday, March 16, 2015

Cops vs. Robbers: Solo Match vs. Minion

This weekend I got in another Solo match vs. Minion. This time I played Max's Government/Investigator Agency deck vs. my Syndicate rush deck. For the first game, I played the random roll method for Minion's card draws, for the final two games, I just had Minion draw three cards except on its first turn draw 2 as recommended. 

Game 1: 

All three games were close, but this one was the least close. Agency won it overwhelmingly by the end. To be fair, though, I think it was mostly due to Minion drawing 2 cards most of the time. 

One thing I loved from this game was, I really, really, really love Tommy Gun. The original CCG version was an attachment that added 3 Combat icons. They have modified it a bit now in the LCG version it is an attachment that adds 2 Combat icons and a Combat struggle. I like it...a lot. 

Game 2:
This game, the Syndicate's control took over and partially shut down my play. The key was two consecutive Early Starts, exhausting my characters and preventing them from committing to stories.
In the end, the Syndicate won.

Game 3:
This was a good back and forth game that in the end meant victory for the Agency. The Early Starts were drawn again by the Minion, but by the time they were, the Syndicate wasn't poised to win as it was in the previous game.

Then Agency control kicked in, crippling the Syndicate's board.

Looking forward to my next match up. I am leaning toward playing my new Agency Hunter deck vs. Cthulhu. Ought to be a good one! See you next time. Until then, keep on slinging cards!

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