Saturday, February 28, 2015

Hastur vs. Order of the Silver Twilight Solo Minion Match: Call of Cthulhu LCG

In the past week, I managed to get another match to the table. This time is was Hastur vs. Order of the Silver Twilight. For this match I played the Minion-plays-2-cards version. 

From now on, I think I will go with the suggested version where every Minion turn, a die is rolled, and Minion draws either 2 or 3 cards depending on the roll because now that my card pool has increased and thus, my decks have improved, Minion isn't as powerful as it used to be: I won: 2-0.

Game 1: 
This game was actually close for most of the game and was one of the longer CoC LCG games I have played solo. Hastur's insanity making/control combos were in full force this game, slowing it down. My Silver Twilight game managed to keep up, though, and eventually won the third story. 

Game 2:
This game was a rout. A bad draw by Minion and the Silver Twilight banging on all cylinders, I smashed Hastur's teeth.

A snow storm approaches, so I will more than likely get another play in. Haven't decided on the decks yet, but I might play a monster faction vs. monster faction this next time. We shall see. 

Until next time, dear reader, game on!

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