Monday, February 23, 2015

Call of Cthulhu LCG: Vs. Minion: Syndicate vs. Shub

Game 1: 

Continuing my Best of 3 Matches vs. Minion, I took my Syndicate Skill Manipulation/Rush deck vs. my Shub reanimator deck. Syndicate got out to a fast lead, quickly winning two stories, but then Shub appeared, and the deck started cooking. 

Thanks to two early game Untimely Burials, a Plague Stone, the discard pile was chock full of creatures who quickly filled the field after the Stone cleared it.

The Mother's forces began to overwhelm the criminals, though there were a few struggles the Syndicate managed to stave off, but soon Shub's offspring quickly smothered the board. 

Game 2:
Shub came out swinging and even pulled off the board sweeper move with The Plague Stone. However, The Syndicate recovered nicely, and once Mr. David Pan hit the field, supported by the Clover Club Pit Boss, Dutch Courage, and the The Clover Club, there really was no stopping the Syndicate. 

Game two belonged to Mr. Pan.

Game 3: 
I finally managed to get in the third game today. It was a pretty even game until the end when Syndicate pulled away. And Mr. David Pan didn't even make an appearance. Shub did, but wasn't enough to bring victory. O'Bannion's Inner Council was too much for the Old Great One. The Council was definitely the dominating force in the Syndicate's win. 

In other news, the boys and I even managed to get in a game of D&D. Major Orchard, Capt. Teamat, and Kardrell Stormpeace finished one quest, became members of the organization known as The Shields, and were sent on yet another mission to slay a dragon who has taken up residence outside of Bard's Gate. 

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