Thursday, June 21, 2012

SurfMonkey Rules the Day!

This time around, SurfMonkey and I began the night with a guest appearance by Maximan. They both helped me playtest my latest RPG design. There was only one combat, and as a result, I tweaked the Toughness (hit points) of the PCs. I think that may have done the trick. Thanks, gentlemen for helping my latest game come to fruition.

 Next up we played a spanking brand new game published by Fantasy Flight Games and designed by the guy who designed the ultra-popular deck building game: Dominion. Infiltration was a good game and despite the fact, SurfMonkey beat me twice, I had fun. I wouldn't say it is my favorite game, but it is worth the time to play it. The game sends hacker agents into a facility to collect data from the corporate evils. The theme is not quite married to the mechanics, but it is close enough. I liked using cards as locations in the facility. Basically, the cards are the rooms, ala Elder Sign.

After infiltrating, we broke out the Summoner Wars board. We allowed the dice to choose our factions. It turned out to be elf on elf. SurfMonkey with the Phoenix Elves, and me with the Shadow Elves. It was an epic conflict coming down to Summoner-on-Summoner game of cat and mouse. In the end, I decided to just man-up and head out from behind my walls to do battle. I gave Elien the first shot, and he didn't disappoint, hitting my Summoner with every die! It was a good death. I will get you next time, SurfMonkey!

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