Saturday, June 30, 2012

Father and Son: Two Days of Tabletop Gaming

Over the past two days, Maximan and I have had the opportunity to play some games. We started with a Song of Blades and Heroes game (played the evil marauders, and Max the dwarven defenders), played two games of Summoner Wars, spent some time playing a Flying Lead scenario, and then finished with yet another Song of Blades and Heroes game (this time I was the good guys).

It was a great time spending time with my boy. 

Below are some pics from the games. Hope you enjoy checking them out as we did playing.  



  1. Hey Uncleeurope here saw the link on PHG and came over! was wondering... what is the poker chip doing on the SO hunter?

  2. Hey, Uncleeurope. Welcome to my blog!

    I use the poker chips to indicate certain game conditions. Helps my son visualize better and acts as a reminder for me.

    I use chips to indicate Cloak of Shadows, Goblin Invincibility, etc.

    The chip in this picture is a reminder to me and my son that that attack will be boosted by one because I moved from that Vine Wall.

    Thanks for stopping by!