Friday, August 5, 2011

The Return of Grog: A Mutants and Death Ray Guns Solo Campaign Part 2

No one knows exactly how many years have passed since the Great Clash, a time when fire rained from the sky, and mighty armies waged a devastating war, leaving the world a shattered and ruined husk of what it once was. 

Survivors struggled to make their way in a radically changed world that grew stranger and more dangerous as the forces unleashed by the Great Clash began to assert themselves in this new world that some have come to call the Ruined Earth. Mutants and mutated animals--some of which can only be described as monsters--arose alongside the creations of man that had survived the war, robots and androids free of their human masters, to roam the wastelands.

The Ruined Earth is a savage and toxic land where life is nasty, brutish, and short. A few have banded together in enclaves and communities for safety. Bands of intrepid explorers brave the ruins to find and locate usable artifacts of the ancients to give them the tools necessary to survive. More often than not, though, these explorers encounter other bands of explorers, all trying to survive as well. Inevitably, these encounters result in violence. Those who have the best technology, mutations, skills, and luck emerge victorious, and to the victors go the spoils. 

      When last we left our heroes, the massive mutated ape, Grog, had fled the battlefield while the Safehaven Seeker Squad stood triumphant. The Squad returned to Safehaven with some medical supplies of the Ancients and had a brief respite before the mayor of Safehaven sent them out to man the watchpost that guards the only passage into the valley that harbors Safehaven and its denizens. The members of the Squad would prefer exploring a ruin of the Ancients, looking for artifacts to serve their people, but they knew the meaning of loyalty and duty and followed the orders of their leader with no complaint. For indeed, those also serve who stand and wait. 

The Safehaven Seeker Squad
Team Leader: Thorin
Human    Quality: 2+  Combat: 2
Special Rules: Leader, Stealth, 1 Energy Cell, Force Field, Laser Rifle
Cara Killjoy
Human    Quality: 4+  Combat: 2
Special Rules: Hand to Hand Specialist, Defoliant Grenade, 4 Food

Gabriel Yen                                 
Human   Quality: 3+  Combat: 2           
Special Rules: NBC Suit, Flamethrower       

Mutant  Quality: 4+  Combat: 3
Special Rules: Mental Shield, Hand to Hand Specialist, Flak Jacket

Mutant  Quality: 4+  Combat: 4
Special Rules: Energy Adaptation, Danger Sense, Shotgun

The Savages: Mutant Marauders
Mutant  Quality: 4+  Combat: 3
Special Rules: Healing, Telekinetic Shield, Sharpshooter, Needler, Energy Cell

Mutant  Quality: 4+  Combat: 3
Special Rules: Poison Claws, HtH Specialist, Big, 4 Energy Cells

Mutant  Quality: 4+  Combat: 3
Special Rules: Tough, Free Disengage, Flak Jacket

Mutant Animal: Ape  Quality: 4+  Combat: 3
Special Rules: +2 Climbing, Superior Senses


Mutated Animal: Ape  Quality: 4+  Combat: 4
Special Rules: Big, 3 Food

The Field of Battle: The Safehaven Security Outpost

 The Safehaven Seeker Squad readies to repel the mutant threat

Grog and his goons charge onto the field of battle, thirsting for revenge

Round 1
      Toxic advances, the rest falter. 
     Gabriel and Shield move to into defensive positions before the marauders take over.

Round 2
     The marauders fail to get their movements together, and all of the Safehaven Squad are able to get into position.

Round 3
      Finally, Grog prods his group into action, and the battle is joined. The marauders advance a midst laser fire and shotgun blasts.

 Round 4
     Toxic makes his move, trying to circle around Thorin, but took a laser blast to the face and went down.
      Things heat up as the hand to hand specialists clash.

 Round 5
       Shield goes down under a vicious ape assault. Cara manages to retreat and regroup with the rest of her squad to make room for Gabriel to employ his flamethrower effectively. 
      Telestra moves into position to provide cover for her fellow mutants with her needler.

Round 6
      Telestra fires her needler at Thorin, but his forcefield holds. Gabriel manages to score a blow on Kruk,  so he can focus on Tuffest. Grog advances, ready to swing on Twitch.

Round 7
       Twitch's shotgun takes its toll on Telestra and Grog. Cara moves in and finishes Kruk while simultaneously aiding Gabriel who lands a horrific blow on Tuffest. The resilient mutant, however, is hurting but still very much in the fight.

Round 8
      Tuffest wades back in, sending Cara reeling. 
     Grog and Telestra recover. Grog is winding up for an attack on the entrenched Twitch while Telestra tries to take another shot at Thorin. However, her needler breaks as she fires. 
     And in two strange twists of fate, Thorin's energy cell runs dry just as he pulls the trigger to take Telestra down. 
      He quickly reloads, but his shot is ruined. And not a second later, Twitch's gun runs out of ammo as well! He desperately tries to load it as Grog is winding up.

Round 9
     Twitch managed to get his shotgun loaded and sent a blast at Grog, staggering him back. Thorin took a shot at the big guy and sent him ducking. 
    Tuffest easily dispatched Gabriel, sending Thorin and Twitch on a rout. Telestra healed Tuffest wounds.

Round 10
       Tuffest catches up with Thorin, and Twitch moves to aid his leader. Grog struggles to recover, guarded by Telestra.

Round 11: The Final Round
      Telestra runs to aid Tuffest and stabs Thorin; he takes his last breath. Tuffest ends Twitch with a gruesome blow to the head. Grog laughs in victory.

      The Safehaven Seeker Squad, triumphant once, now lays defeated upon the wasteland battlefield. The mutants dance in triumph over their corpses and make plans for more wanton destruction. They strip the Squad members of all of their gear, spoils of a terrific battle. Grog is satisfied by the cold dish that is vengeance. 

      Such is the fickle nature of the post-apocalyptic world. One day you are on top, the next, you are a rotting corpse fading into the sandy, wasted dirt. Such is life and death in the brutal world of... 

The Ruined Earth

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