Friday, August 12, 2011

The Call of SurfMonkey...

Last night SurfMonkey and I got together for our monthly game night. Even though, we got off to a late start, we had a great time cracking open The Call of Cthulhu Card Game. Yes, loyal readers will know that I received the game as a Christmas present. And yes, this is the first time it has seen play since then. However, it most definitely will not be the last. This game is different than most and to me, a most intricate game.

Our first game was a learn-as-we-go kind of game. SurfMonkey had chosen the Syndicate and Miskatonic factions for his deck. I chose Cthulhu and Hastur.

SurfMonkey didn't have the best draw. He didn't pull many characters, and I quickly gained the advantage, winning 2 story cards within a few turns. He tried a brief rally, but by then, it was too late. I won the day.

The second game was much more even, and we both had a better feel for the game. It was back and forth for a time, but in the end, he was victorious.

Our rubber match game was all SurfMonkey. He pulled a lot of low-cost cards while I had medium to high casting cards in mine (I had Cthulhu and Hastur in my hand at the end of the game). I just couldn't mount a proper challenge to his story-seeking characters. My Ghost wasn't enough to stave off his army. So, in the end, I fell, and SurfMonkey was triumphant.

This game has all kinds of things going on. I only have the Core Set, and could see myself using just it for years to come and not truly get a feel for the game as a whole. There are so many options. I like that!

I may acquire some expansions in the future, especially when autumn hits, as that is my favorite time for any Cthulhu gaming, but for now, just playing the Core Set is a great and fun experience.

Until next time, good readers, good gaming.

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