Monday, June 5, 2017

Summer Break = More Time for Games!!

Summer break is here! Solo Arkham Horror LCG. I am currently running two solo campaigns. One is Rex and Agnes. The other is my true solo run with Ashcan Pete. 

For a change of solo pace, I have broken out the excellent Pandemic: Reign of Cthulhu solo. I had a great time playing it. I look forward to my next game of it. I won on easy. Next time, I will play medium. I have also been slowly wanting to break out Eldritch Horror as well. 

Much Buddyfight is hitting the table. A new expansion comes out June 16th. Looking forward to beefing up my decks with those cards. 

On the horizon is DragoBorne. Bushiroad's English-only trading card game designed by Mike Elliott. I have the demo decks thanks to a generous student. Thanks, Rissa! (Tsundere). I haven't gotten it to the table yet, but I am hoping to soon. It hits the stores in August. 

Max and I also got in a couple of skirmishes of Imperial Assault. Great game! We also got in a game of Hero Realms.

Enjoy the pictorial tour through the sessions mentioned above. 

That's all for now. Origins in Two weeks! Can't wait! Expect a full report when we return.

Until then, sling some cards and chuck some dice!

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