Monday, August 29, 2016

Eldritch Horror to the Max!!

I got in another solo game this past week. It was brutal!! I played three investigators vs. Yog-sothoth. Though, the investigators managed to keep the Great Old One from entering our world, I lost two investigators in the process. One to insanity and the other to bodily harm. 

It was taxing but in the end oh, so fun!!

Then Maximan and I played a game vs. Ithaqua. Holy crap! We got our hypothermia-ed butts handed to us. It truly was a horrific defeat.

Maximan is thirsting for vengeance. I can't wait to play again!!


  1. I was tempted to get this a while back but decided that I like the local feel of Arkham Horror better and so I'd stick with that and its expansions (Ended up buying Dunwich Horror).

  2. Yes. But it's so much more streamlined and I can setup and play two games and tear down in the same amount if time as an Arkhan Horror game.

    It isn't a lighter version of Arkham, though. Just way more sleek.

    I think you might like it if you play it.