Tuesday, July 1, 2014

SurfMonkey Mania

SurfMonkey came over Thursday night for our monthly game night. This night was particularly busy as the boys joined us for a few games at the beginning of the evening. While SurfMonkey and Max played Star Realms, Jasper and I played some Vanguard!

Then we played a game of Sentinels vs. Kismet (Setback's nemesis). In the end, we kicked her butt. 

After the heroes took down the supervillainess, we continued superhero action and played a couple of games of Marvel Dice Masters, using a roughshod draft mechanic. 

We split our wins. 

We finished out the evening with a head to head battle of Star Realms and then played a co op vs. the Nemesis Beast. We took it down!

Overall, a great night of gaming. Next month: We brave the arena and finally break out Mage Wars!

Summer Gaming with the boys: When not hanging out with SurfMonkey, the boys and I have been revisiting some of the great games.

In the Sentinels game, Plague Rat defeated us. Next up: Ambuscade invading The Block.

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