Saturday, April 26, 2014

Excelsior! True Believer! Marvel Dicemasters is here! And it is Glorious!

SurfMonkey brought over WizKids' brand spanking new game designed by Mike Elliott and Eric M. Lang (designer of Warhammer Invasion!) and broke it open. The rules and set up are easy, and we were rolling dice and hurling super heroes at each other before we knew it. 

We began with the First Game setup then graduated to the Basic Game setup for four more games! SurfMonkey had ordered hand made Marvel dice bags and had custom game mats printed up. His accessories were awesome! Way to bring the bling!

The game is similar to Quarriors in that you buy dice with resources rolled by the dice you have, but really, the comparison ends there. The rest of the game is more Magic the Gathering than Quarriors. You recruit the superheroes you have brought to the fray to fight against the team your opponent brought. Yes, we are playing hero vs. hero in most cases (the boosters that are sold for the game have villains). However, think Contest of Champions comic mini series if you have a hard time wrapping your head around why Spidey is fighting Cap. 

The theme is a tad weak I admit. Each player begins with a certain amount of life. Whose life is it? Are you an entity bringing the heroes into conflict or are you a representation of the morale and will of your team? I guess in the long run, it doesn't matter because the game is fun! 

Since Wednesday night, I have bought 2 starters and 15 boosters at my FLGS and Target.  I have played a game vs. Maximan66 with my dice. I will be picking up many boosters in the future. But the game hasn't grabbed me like Vanguard did. However, I see it rolling in my future for some time to come. 

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