Wednesday, June 12, 2013

SurfMonkey and I Battle to a Standstill...Twice

SurfMonkey was over last night for our monthly game night. We had a hiatus in May but were back with a vengeance. We took another crack at Star Wars the Card Game. Since the last time we tackled this gem, SurfMonkey has acquired several Force Packs. We threw those into our decks and headed into the conflict. 

I played Smugglers and Spies on the Light Side. SurfMonkey played the Imperial Navy. We played two games. I overwhelmed him in the first game and the second game went to the Dark Side. 

Then we turned our attention to the Old World. He chose the High Elves and I chose Chaos. After the first game, my Sorcerer destroyed his forces and my bloodthirsty troops smashed the pointed ears into the ground. Then we switched decks, and though I made a good run of it, Chaos triumphed in the end. 

Another game night in the books with no clear winner. A special thank you to SurfMonkey for the unexpected birthday present: Noir. Thanks again. And see you next month, young Padawan.

Until next time, gentle reader, may your cards fall the way you want and your dice roll true. 

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