Saturday, February 25, 2012

SurfMonkey Gets Stalked from the Shadows and Ambushed from a Vine Wall

At our monthly game night, SurfMonkey was not quite at the top of his game. Maybe it was the sinus infection he had been battling for weeks, maybe it was something in the air of my basement that didn't agree with him, but the poor sod could not roll dice to save the lives of his units or himself. It truly was one of the worst cases of "The Dice Hate Me" syndrome I have ever seen.
In the first game I returned to an oldie but a goodie, the Cave Goblins reinforced with Beast Riders.  I really like what their mobility brings to Sneeks. SurfMonkey was playing the Shadow Elves. Tempted by Selundar's buff special ability, he moved him into melee early. I made him pay for that error. He backed off, but Blarf and Sneeks eventually cornered and slew him. 

In the second game, I played the Benders vs. SurfMonkey piloting the Swamp Orcs. It was an intense game until, at one point, he moved his Summoner into a vulnerable position. I made him pay. Even he admitted that it was a huge tactical mistake. He evaded my forces for a while, but in the end, the Benders moved on his position and brought him down. Despite the fact we missed a few Vine Wall placements and messed up the Vine Wall rules a few times, I found the Vine Walls were a welcome addition to the tactical space of the board for both the Swamp Orcs and the Benders. 

Better luck next month, SurfMonkey!

Until next time, play more Summoner Wars!

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