Saturday, June 18, 2011

The SurfMonkey Invasion

This month, SurfMonkey arrived to play Warhammer Invasion Card Game from Fantasy Flight Games. I had used some Christmas money to pick this up in January, and now we have finally gotten around to trying it out.
All I can say is, I wish we would have played it sooner. I loved it!

I gave SurfMonkey first choice. He chose the Empire. I went with WAAUGH!! The orcs. The first game we were both getting the feel for the rules, but after a few turns, we were up and running. I burned his Quest area pretty fast, but he rebounded somewhat, but in the end my hordes were too much for him.

The second game we stuck with the same decks (we did remove, shuffled, and re-distributed the Neutral cards between each game) now that we had a feel for them.

Pretty much from mid-game to the end, it was all Empire. His resources far out stripped mine, and the maneuverability of his forces pretty much was the end for my greenskins.

Then we switched decks, I played the Empire and he the orcs. I decided to concentrate more on Resources for this game and developments as well. I was leading pretty much the whole game, then a well-timed Judgement of Verena, and I pretty much sealed the deal. He never recovered from that blow, and I finished him!

After that smackdown, we decided to have a brief intermission of something a bit lighter: Zombie Dice. We played three games. He wiped up in the first game, I took the second game, and in our slow third game rubber match, he was victorious.

No SurfMonkey game night would be complete without engaging in the Summoner Wars. As with last time, we randomly determined which faction we would play. I rolled the Phoenix Elves, and he the Cloaks. 

I pretty much dominated the whole game. He had a few great moves and did manage to wound Elien, but in the end, I simply swarmed him. I held his summoning places to two, I pulled the Spirit of the Phoenix twice, just when I needed them. He didn't even get a Champion on the board. It was an old-fashioned butt-whoopin'!

We meet again in July. Plans are to play my own home-brew board game: Portal Mage. And the main game is his choice this time around. And, of course, we will more than likely end the night with a game of Summoner Wars because it really is that fun. 

Until next time, good dice and good gaming.

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