Wednesday, April 20, 2011

SurfMonkey Returns...

Last night the stars aligned and SurfMonkey made it over and what a night it was. We finally got to try out the Jungle Elves and Cloaks factions for Summoner Wars. All kinds of goodness going on with those decks! I love the mobility and Chant of Negation of the Jungle Elves and the Thief and sneakiness and Cloak of Shadows on the Cloaks side. Fun factions to play!

Not such a good night for me, though. We each took a turn playing the factions against each other. SurfMonkey came out on top in both games. I must say, strategy and tactics was sound on both sides. These games came down to my inability to hit in combat, and SurfMonkey's inability to miss!

He won both games we played as you can see by the pictures below. Ouch. I will not be kept down, though. Next time I will be victorious!

Then we decided to shift gears and go for a co-op game. One of my favorites: Space Hulk: Death Angel.

Needless to say, we got slaughtered in both attempts. The Space Marines just couldn't keep up with the swarming xenos. However, Brother Leon did make it to the final room in the second attempt, but he just couldn't release the toxins into the hulk before being overcome by the Genestealers. 

Once again, next time we will be victorious. 

So, hats off to you, SurfMonkey and Genestealers...until next time that is...

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