Monday, January 24, 2011

Starshield Boardgame Knights

With only five of us members of the Starshield Gaming Society there for our weekly game night, we opted for another night of boardgaming. I am sure someday we will return to the worlds of RPGs, but for now, boardgames are taking up our nights. Not that there is anything wrong with that...

While waiting for our fifth, Weezoh, Zoltar, Scree, and I decided to play Forbidden Island. I found this game interesting and entertaining, but for cooperative games I still prefer the flavor of Space Hulk: Death Angel.

For this game I was dealt the Explorer which is the character I wanted in my brief scan of the rules. Cool.

In the end, we lost as our Fool's Landing tile sank beneath the sea. We had a sandbag, but foolishly spent it 2 turns before. Such is the life of an adventurer. We did, however, win 3 of the 4 Treasures before being defeated by the relentless sea. Better luck next time.

After the arrival of Lirpa, we began a game of Settlers of Catan. Now, I had heard nothing but good things about this game but had never played it. I was eager to begin Settling.

I really enjoyed my time playing this game. I was eagerly anticipating every roll of the dice, hoping upon hopes to pull the resources I needed to build my settlements, cities, and fulfill my machinations.

The Robber made many appearances, too many in my estimation, and the game rolled on.

I finished out the game with 9 Victory Points, with Weezoh winning with a well-timed 3rd Knight play which gave him Largest Army, thus scoring him the final Victory Points he needed to end the game and become king of Catan.

As much as I like Settlers, I must say, I still prefer the imagination stimulation of an RPG, or the tactical clashes of my beloved Summoner Wars.

Then with a little time left before we adjourned, I suggested a game of Zombie Dice. This decision lead to one of the most exciting gaming moments of the night.

Weezoh was the first to reach 13. Lirpa, not to be outdone and who was keeping up with Weezoh all game, scored a whopping 16, crushing Weezoh's lead. Only me and my lowly 4 Brains stood in her way. I needed to score 12 Brains to tie. I took up the challenge, scooped the dice, and began to roll. I rolled one Shotgun Blast out of the gate, but 2 Brains. I kept rolling, more Brains. I rolled again, 1 more Shotgun Blast, but more Brains. Yet more Brains and some Runners. Holy crap, I was down to the last 3 dice. If I didn't blast out here, I would record, and scoop all the dice again. I rolled Brains! 10 of the 12 needed Brains had been rolled in an unbelievable run of luck.

I scooped the dice into the cup. Its cardboard hiding my future; would this be the greatest come back in all of Zombie Dice history, or would I leave the table a hungry slob of a zombie? I pulled the 3 dice. Darn, a yellow, red, and green. I looked at Lirpa's poker face. Was she nervous? Would her dreams at being Zombie Queen be dashed? I rolled...

2 Brains! Holy crap! I did, wait. Is that a Shotgun Blast I see? Dagnabbit! I had been robbed of one of the greatest comebacks in my gaming history, but that's okay. I am glad Lirpa won tonight as she had had a rough couple of days. Just making that far for me was worth the thrill.

A good night of gaming. Thanks, Starshielders.

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